Training Director


Will maintain as least 5 office hours during the station’s regular business week
Will supervise the recruitment and training of all on-air positions
Will hold regular meetings with trainees throughout the school year
Will maintain all files and records in a neat and orderly manner
Will update all training materials as necessary
Will create and administer board tests for all on-air personnel
Will re-train current staff members on new equipment as necessary
Will perform any other duties requested by the Station Manager

When do the new Training Director's responsibilities begin?

The training director's responsibilities begin around the end of spring semester/beginning of summer. Training new DJs happens consistantly throughout the entire year and the changing over from the spring semester to the summer brings in a few new DJs who will be starting shows in the summer, so they will need to get trained so they can run this place while most of the students are gone. The new Training Director should begin to learn how to run a training session at the end of the spring semester so he or she will be ready to run sessions on his/her own when the summer begins.

The most important time of the year!!!

By far the most important time of the year for the Training Director is the very beginning. The Training Director is also responsible for recruitment of new DJs and station staff so the most important event for him/her is the Activities Fair. The Activities Fair takes place in and around Posvar Hall during the weekend prior to the start of classes every Fall Semester. The Training Director should be in constant contact with the Promotions Director as they will essentially be teaming up to run the WPTS table at the Activities Fair.

The Activities Fair table will consist of a DJ table with all the WPTS DJing equipment to blast some sweet tunes throughout whatever space they happen to put us in. There will also be a table for flyers and sign-ups for potential new DJs. Last year I (Jake) had a couple laptops set up with external keyboards for people to input their names and email addresses into a database so I wouldn't have to transfer that information into database by hand.

Things to do before the Activities Fair

  • Prepare for the Activities Fair, obviously.
  • Set up information sessions for the new DJs. These sessions should be as soon after the Activities Fair as possible. I had three of these sessions during that first week of class; one on Monday, one on Tuesday, and one on Thursday. The Training Director should reserve rooms for about 50-75 people for these sessions.

During these sessions the Training Director will tell the potential DJs what the station is all about, what sort of music we play, why we're here, basically what happens at the station. The idea is that they can get an idea of what this station is like and if they would actually like to continue on to a training session of any sort and work on being a DJ or staff. At these info sessions the Training Director should have buddy session sign ups to get some of these new peeps into the station and progressing in the training process.

  • Make sure to have enough copies of every document. This includes the training manual, FCC manual, training progress sheets, board tests, and staff hours sheets.
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