Syndicated Shows


From time to time we have syndicated shows on WPTS to fill empty time slots because the automator gets boring. This page is about how to put them on.

How to put on Rustbelt Radio

WARNING: This process takes about 30 minutes, although for at least 25 of it you don't have to be paying attention to it and you are just waiting for downloads and conversions to finish! Please start at least 30 minutes before the show!

  1. Download the latest show from here)
  2. Copy it to a USB memory device of some sort
  3. Put that into the automator in PROD A
  4. Copy it to the directory N:/AUDIO/JIN
  5. Open TLC and choose the JIN folder
  6. DELETE last week's rustbelt which will be number 0080
  7. Click on the file without a number on the top or bottom of the list and hit the Format button (on the top, next to the Ripper button).
  8. Toggle the "Automatically Assign IDs" button and choose number 0080
  9. Choose "Liner PCM (Uncompressed)" from the drop-down menu on the top right
  10. Start the conversion (this will take a while). Close the box when it's finished.
  11. Set volume and EOM like you would any other song.
  12. Name the file Title: Rustbelt Radio Artist: Pittsburgh Indymedia Note: Date of Show
  13. Save and send, just like you would any other song. It's OK to overwrite the old file.
  14. Rust Belt should be already scheduled to run at 10AM Thursday in the automator, so you should be good to go.
  15. Thanks ;)
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