Student Engineer


• Will maintain as least 2 consultation hours during the station’s regular business week, and be available by appointment
• Will maintain as least 8 work hours weekly, and log those hours with the station manager
• Will be conversant with all applicable FCC regulations
• Will recruit, maintain, and supervise an engineering staff
• Will hold regular meetings of the engineering staff
• Will attend and participate in all on-air and station meetings
• Will ensure that security is maintained on all WPTS facilities
• Will handle engineering requests and keep track of all engineering and computer equipment
• Will attend or send a representative of the engineering department to attend all station events using engineering equipment
• Will be responsible for responding to transmitter alarms immediately
• Will submit a weekly written report to the Station Manager outlining all current activities of the engineering department
• Will perform any other duties requested by the Station Manager, General Manager, or Chief Engineer

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