Station Manager

Official Position Description

  • Will maintain as least 15 office hours during the station’s regular business week
  • Will have general overall responsibility for coordinating all WPTS station activities
  • Will meet once a week with the General Manager to discuss station operations
  • Will ensure that the General Manager approves all strategic decisions
  • Will represent WPTS at all necessary University functions and meetings
  • Will meet regularly with all department directors
  • Will call meetings of the general station staff at least twice each term
  • Will be conversant with all applicable FCC rules and regulations
  • Will mediate all internal staff disputes subject to appeal to the General Manager
  • Will assure that all expenditures by department heads fall within the scope of the general budget
  • Will assure that all station records are maintained in a neat, orderly, and professional manner
  • Will perform any other duties requested by the General Manager
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