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What We Do

  • Host daily sports talk shows (The WPTS Sports Journal) and broadcast Pittsburgh Panthers Football, Men's and Women's Basketball, and occassionally Volleyball, Baseball, and Hockey
  • Provide professional news and broadcasting experience for University of Pittsburgh students
  • Promote the importance of supporting ALL Panther Athletics

Interested in joining? E-mail us at moc.liamg|strops.stpw#moc.liamg|strops.stpw

Show Schedule

9am-10am: "The Monday Morning Water Cooler Conversation" with Jeff Greer and Matt Bolks
4:30pm-5pm: Matt Carulli and Jim Finley

9am-10am: Barry Beal, RJ Fisher, and Kristen Crosby
4:30pm-5pm: Rob Hennessy and Julian Segal

9am-10am: Kyle Bishop and Mike Twomey
11am-12pm: Specialty Show (Topics and Hosts vary)
4:30pm-5pm: Esther Podolsky and Kurt Vinson

9am-10am: Nick LaMantia and Nate Muzika
4:30pm-5pm: RJ Fisher and Jake Nelko

9am-10am: "The Taz and Dizzle Show" with Alan Tuszynski and Derek Kedell
4:30pm-5pm: "Happy Hour" with Yannick Skerritt, Dylan Heimbrock, and Marcus Edmonds

Upcoming Game Broadcasts

Tuesday, February 6, 7pm: Women's Basketball vs Villanova
Saturday, February 10, 6pm: Men's Basketball vs Providence
Monday, February 12, 7pm: Men's Basketball vs Louisville
Tuesday, February 13, 7pm: Women's Basketball vs Cincinnati
Saturday, February 17, 2pm: Men's Basketball vs Washington
Tuesday, February 20, 7pm: Women's Basketball vs West Virginia
Saturday, February 24, 2pm: Women's Basketball vs DePaul
Tuesday, February 27, 7pm: Men's Basketball vs West Virginia

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