What We Do

TOP PRIORITY: promoting the station and the name WPTS

  • creating fun and incredibly weird events where the campus can participate
  • having concerts with rising and progressive bands near and far… everything between Of Montreal to Grand Buffet to Mates of State
  • holding the BEST dance parties on campus… featuring CLUB WPTS DJs with live music, food and dancing
  • DJing events around campus for various school clubs and groups
  • being completely obnoxious while maintaining exceptional adorableness while promoting the greatness that is 92.1 WPTS Fm

interested in joining the promotions staff? email me at [moc.liamg|stpw1.29#moc.liamg|stpw1.29]

Upcoming Events

Past WPTS Events

  • Egg Hunt WINNER of CBI Best Promotion 2005 a growing tradition for three years, the Egg Hunt is a popular event on campus. In the month of April, over 300 eggs were carefully hidden all over the entire Pitt campus. Each plastic egg contained a number which led them to a prize. Prizes ranged from "Win a Date with Mark Rawlings" to CDs to a New Kids on the Block puzzle.
  • The WPTS Moustache Challenge in the month of November, the WPTS staff created the insanity of "The Moustache Challenge" where we challenged the Pittsburgh campus and the city itself, who can grow the most impressive moustache?. Based on the film "The Glorius Mustache Challenge" by Jay Della Valle, the event accumulated to a historic showing of every facial hair masterpiece from the Fu Manchu to the Handlebar to the Roadmaster. All were very worthy opponents, but only one could prevail, and this virtuoso of facial hair won a free Nintendo Wii. Other categories included, "Worst Moustache", "Best Fake Moustache", and "Think You know Your 'Stache?".
  • Club WPTS presents 80's Valentine Dance Party

February 9th at 8:30pm in the William Pitt Union Assembly Room
FREE food, drank, hotttness, and the greatest 80's tunes

  • "Bands You Need to Know" Showcase

featuring bands TBA
March 19th at 7:00pm in the Frick Fine Arts Auditorium
5 great upcoming bands of various genres
keep in tune for more information
for further information, check out []

Got Any Promotion Ideas???

yea, if you've got something to say about Promotions…. creative ideas…POST IT. go to the discussion board and list any ideas you have about dances, general promotions, concerts, or special events. YOU HEARD ME… POST YOUR SHIT


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