PARTIE THYME! April 6 2007

(featuring Explanation Mark)

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum A Hymn To The Morning Star Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Of Natural History
Man Man 10 lbs. Moustache Man Man
The Melvins Honeybucket Houdini
The Book Of Knots The Ballad Of John Henry Traineater
DJ Spooky / Richard Strauss (The Philharmonia Orchestra) Part One (Gtr) / Till Eulenspiegels Lustige Streiche Backwards Forwards / Time Life's Prelude To Modern Music
Isotope 217 / Aphex Twin Beneath The Undertow / Peek 824545201 The Unstable Molecule / Richard D. James Album
Banco de Gaia Ynys Elen Farewell Ferengistan
Livehuman Lesson #7 Elefish Jellyplant
Squarepusher / The Black Dog Circular Flexing / Psychosyin Music Is Rotted One Note / Peel Session
Matmos / Wolf Eyes California Rhinoplasty / Stabbed In The Face A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure / Burned Mind
Richard Devine Helix Stair Helve Cautella
Negativeland & Chumbawamba The ABC's Of Anarchy The ABC's Of Anarchy
Made In Mexico Farewell Myth Zodiac Zoo
Lightning Bolt Riffwraiths Hypermagic Mountain
Mouse On Mars Diskdusk Diskdusk
Dosh DJ DJ Dosh
Red Sparrowes Annihilate the Sparrow, That Stealer of Seed, and Our Harvests Will Abound; We Will Watch Our Wealth Flood In Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun
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