February 23

woah… first wiki minutes! wooo… here are some things that we touched on:

  • shirts are here, edit the page and add your name to reserve one (don't use safari it doesn't work! download camino or opera if you have a mac… it's better anyway!)
  • use the wiki, make as many pages about as many things as you can think of!
  • SPRING BREAK!!! sign up sheets are in the office, sign up for a show if you will be in good old pgh representin for SB07, also, if you are interested in engineering shit come to the station on wednesday of spring break… we'll be gettin to it hard core building a new studio in prod A!
  • some people have yet to do their staff hours… there are some shows in trouble, so if you've missed shows or haven't done staff hours make sure you do them before spring break, there will be a thorough documenting of staff hours then
  • the turntables will be fixed over spring break for good, woo!
  • if you forgot to turn in a directors application for promotions director, programming director, production director, or music director you might be able to convince James to squeak you one in late
  • there were other things but they have been announced already elsewhere… if you want to add something please do!! wiki's are sweet… also please add pages for your show!


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