Here are some suggested businesses (particularly for Egg Hunt donations) that we should visit for Underwriting sponsorship.

In italics are places where we got prizes from already
In strikethroughs are places that won't give us prizes. Assholes.

In General:
Big Burrito Restaurants (Kaya, Mad Mex, Casbah, Soba, Umi, Eleven, Phipps Cafe)
Pamela's P&G Diner (Oakland, Shadyside, Strip District, Millvale)
Primanti Brothers (Oakland, all over Pittsburgh)
The Record Exchange (Squirrel Hill, South Side, all over Pittsburgh)

Phantom of the Attic (comics and games)
Dreaming Ant (indie movies)
Kiva Han
Alex's Flowers
Food For Thought Deli
Brave New World (music)
Caliban Bookstore
Five Guys
Jimmy John's Sandwiches
Rita's Italian Ice
Iron City Bikes
Dave & Andy's Ice Cream
Mad Mex (Big Burrito Restaurant)
Phipps Cafe (Big Burrito Restaurant)

Squirrel Hill:
Heads Together (indie movies)
Jerry's Records
Dave's Music Mine
Biketek Bikes
Pittsburgh Pro Bikes
Cinemagic Movie Theatre (Forward Ave)
Manor Movie Theatre (Murray Ave)
Dozen (gourmet cupcakes)
Avalon (vintage clothing)
Forward Lanes
Barnes and Noble

Strip District:
Eide's Entertainment (comic books, music, movies)
Open Stage Theatre
Fudgie Wudgie Fudge and Chocolate Factory
Mon Aimee Chocolat
Kaya (Big Burrito Restaurant)
Eleven (Big Burrito Restaurant)
Lefty's Tattoos

Coco's (gourmet cupcakes)
Shady Grove (restaurant)
Apple Store
Chocolate Moose
Cappy's Cafe
Record Village
Shadyside Variety Store
Casbah (Big Burrito Restaurant)
Soba (Big Burrito Restaurant)
Umi (Big Burrito Restaurant)

East Liberty:
The Pittsburgh Zoo/PPG Aquarium
Whole Foods

Kraynick's Bikes
Tessaro's Burgers
Quiet Storm (restaurant/venue)
The Big Idea (bookstore)
Paul's Records
Alexander's Pasta Express
Del's Italian Restaurant
The Bloomfield Sandwich Shop

North Side:
Mattress Factory
Beleza (coffee shop)

South Side/Southside Works:
Thick Bikes
The Beehive (coffee shop)
Rex Theatre (venue)
Diesel (venue)
South Side Tattoos
The Pita Pit
The Culture Shop
Fat Head's

East End:
Gatto Bikes
East End Co-Op
Climbing Wall
Gemini Theatre

Station Square:
Funny Bone Comedy Club
The Melting Pot (fondue)
Joe's Crab Shack
Hard Rock Cafe

The Waterfront:
The Improv Comedy Club
Dave & Buster's

This is just a starting list. If anyone has more ideas, please add them immediately so we can get as many awesome prizes for the egg hunt as possible. Also, anyone who wants to help Chakel go to these businesses, please contact her. She would love the help. Thanks everybody!

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