Heavy Metal with Hunter Korchak

My name is Hunter Korchak and I am the Metal Director at 92.1 FM WPTS Pittsburgh. Every Monday night from 9pm to 11pm, I play pretty much all types of heavy metal (thrash, black, death, tech, melodic death, grindcore, goregrind, southern, stoner, etc.). I try not to keep things too similar, so there is usually a good mix of all kinds on each program. I try to play all the hot jams from the past while keeping up with what the College Music Journal (cmj.com) is charting in order to make for a more exciting program. I always honor requests and greatly enjoy it when listeners make contact while I'm on the air. Listen either at 92.1 FM on the radio dial or stream on www.wpts.org. I'll try to keep my playlists from each week updated on this page, starting with this past week's show. Enjoy!

March 26, 2007

Poison the Well Nagaina Versions
Poison the Well Prematurito el Baby Versions
Vision of Disorder Southbound From Bliss to Devastation
Maylene and the Son of Disaster Wylie II
Death Defensive Personalities Spiritual Healing
Crowbar The Violent Reaction Lifesblood for the Downtrodden
Beneath the Massacre Society's Disposable Son Mechanics of Dysfunction
The Obsessed Streamlined The Church Within
Anthrax Among the Living Among the Living
In This Moment Prayers Prayers ep
Cryptopsy Carrionshine Once Was Not
Big Business Hands Up Here Come the Waterworks
Shadows Fall Redemption Threads of Life
The Funeral Pyre The Nature of Betrayal The Nature of Betrayal
Unsane Eat Crow Visqueen
Suffocation Beginning of Sorrow Breeding the Spawn
Comeback Kid The Blackstone Broadcasting…
Echoes of Eternity Lost Beneath a Silent Sky The Forgotten Goddess
Middian The Celebrant Age Eternal
Carnivore Technophobia Retaliation
Daath Sightless The Hinderers
Leng Tch'e Tightrope Propaganda Marasmus
Celtic Frost The Usurper Parched With Thirst Am I and Dying
Cannibal Corpse Hammer Smashed Face Tomb of the Mutilated
Satyricon K.I.N.G. Now, Diabolical
The End Dangerous Elementary
Poison the Well Pleading Post Versions
Converge Lonewolves No Heroes
This is Hell Epilogue Sundowning

March 19, 2007

Shadows Fall Redemption Threads of Life
The Showdown Temptation Come My Way Temptation Come My Way
The Acacia Strain Burnface The Dead Walk
Poison the Well Letter Thing Versions
Maylene and the Sons of Disaster Darkest of Kin II
Lordi Bringing Back the Balls to Rock The Arockalypse
Echoes of Eternity Expressions of Flesh The Forgotten Goddess
Bloodjinn Inhale Exhale This Machine Runs on Empty
Machine Head Now I Lay Thee Down The Blackening
Daath Who Will Take the Blame? The Hinderers
Big Business Grounds for Divorce Here Comes the The Watterworks
November's Doom Rain The Novella Resevoir
Emmure 10 Signs You Should Leave Goodbye to the Gallows
Leng Tch'e Abstained Marasmus
Dying Fetus Raping the System War of Attrition
Infernaeon Sleeping God Symphony of Suffering
Beneath the Massacre The Surface Mechanics of Dysfunction
Clutch Electric Worry From Beale St. to Oblivion
Life in Your Way Making Waves Waking Giants
Sirenia My Mind's Eye Nine Destinies and a Downfall
Comeback Kid Defeated Broadcasting…
Comeback Kid Broadcasting… Broadcasting…
It Dies Today A Port in Any Storm Sirens
This is Hell Epilogue Sundowning
Down Dog Tired II: A Bustle in Your Hedgerow
This Moment Star < Parallel Star < Parallel
He is Legend The Pot Bellied Goddess Suck Out the Poison

February 26, 2007

Black Sabbath The Mob Rules The Dio Years (Radio Sampler)
Down The Seed Down 2: A Bustle in Your Hedgerow
Firewind Breaking the Silence Allegiance
Mercenary Sharpen the Edges 11 Dreams
Daath Subterfuge The Hinderers
Gojira The Heaviest Matter of the Universe From Mars to Sirius
The End Dangerous Elementary
Cephalic Carnage Dying Will Be the Death of Me Anomalies
Leng Tch'e 1-800-Apathy Marasmus
Dying Fetus Insidious Repression War of Attrition
Fuck the Facts What's Left Behind Stigmata High-Five
Cursed Old Money Two
He is Legend Stampede Suck Out the Poison
Black Sabbath The Devil Cried The Dio Years (Radio Sampler)
Anthrax Indians Among the Living
November's Doom Rain The Novella Resevoir
Laethora Parasite March of the Parasite
Emmure 10 Signs You Should Leave Goodbye to the Gallows
Car Bomb Best Intentions Centralia
Architect The Awakening All is Not Lost
the_Network Prison Letters This is Your Pig's Portrait
Aborted The Foul Nucleus of Resurrection Slaughtered and Apparatus: A Methodical Overture
Coldworker A Custom-Made Hell The Contaminated Void
Impious Bloodcraft Holy Murder Masquerade
Fear my Thoughts Blankness Vulcanus
The County Medical Examiners Blunt Force Flight Olidous Operettas
It Dies Today A Constant Reminder Sirens
This is Hell Epilogue Sundowning

February 19, 2007 (show was cut short for undisclosed reasons)

Aborted The Chondrin Enigma Slaugtered and Apparatus: A Methodical Overture
The Sword Winter's Wolves Age of Winters
Misery Index Outsourcing Jehovah Discordia
Cattle Decapitation Karma.Blood.Karma Karma.Bloody.Karma
Comeback Kid Broadcasting… Broadcasting…
Burnt by the Sun 2012 The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good
The End My Abyss Elementary
Psyopus 2 Our Puzzling Encounters Considered
Sleep The Druid Sleep's Holy Mountain
Pentagram Hurricane First Daze Here
Rapture Gallows Songs for the Withering
Nahemah Labyrinthine Straight Ways The Second Philosophy
The Showdown Temptation Come My Way Temptation Come My Way
Fear My Thoughts Blankness Vulcanus
He is Legend Attack of the Dungeon Witch Suck Out the Poison
Car Bomb Best Intentions Centralia
the_Network Send Them In Your Pig's Portrait
Mercenary World Hate Center 11 Dreams

February 12, 2007

Slayer Eyes of the Insane
Comeback Kid In Case of Fire
Down The Man that Follows Hell
Gojira Backbone
Kylesa Hollow Severer
Pentagram Lazylady
Nahemah Siamese
Unearth Black Hearts Now Reign
Bolt Thrower Granite Wall
Architect Collapse the War Engine
Psyopus Insects
Everytime I Die Champing at the Bit
Dio Man on the Silver Mountain
He Is Legend Mushroom River
The End Awake?
Car Bomb Rid
The Network Prison Letters
Dissection Unhallowed
Hacavitz Ultimate Covenant
Starkweather Machine Rhythm Confessional
Mercyful Fate The Uninvited Guest
Firewind The Essence
Meshuggah New Millenium Cyanide Christ
Down New Orleans is a Dying Whore
Impious T.P.S.
Edenbridge On Top of the World
This is Hell Epilogue
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