Graphic Media

The WPTS Promotional Calendar

The calendar was introduced starting for the 2006 school year and is designed to promote our station in a more permanent way than the previous station program guides, which were biannual and tended to be outdated before they reached the reader body.

Calendar Format

The calendar has previously consisted of 12 color panels featuring artwork with references to station pogramming and events, 12 actual calendar panels, an intro page, and a cover. Each of these were made in Adobe Photoshop at 300 dpi resolution at 5.5 x 4.25 inches (exactly one-half of A4 letter size). These were then converted to PDF format and put into the order they would be seen in the printed calendar.

Please note that in the interest of keeping costs down, it is best to make one or more of the artwork panels black and white, if possible. The cost of the black and white pages is a tiny fraction compared to the color pages, and the deletion of even so much as one or two color pages can result in quite a few more calendars being printed.


Flyers should ideally be made for events that WPTS would like to promote - dances, events, and special programming. It's also best to make at least two or three for each of these events to spice up what people see.
Also, a few general flyers to promote the station overall should always be on hand, and any flyers that might be requested by DJs to promote their specialty shows should also be made (within reason).

All flyers should include the following:
- the full name of the radio station (92.1 WPTS-FM)
- the website (, now easier to include than ever)
- ideally, some reference to streaming, since a lot more kids do that nowadays

Flyers probably shouldn't include the following:
- clearly copyrighted references (this got me into trouble, as Pitt News won't print anything that contains clear "endorsements" by unsolicited celebrities)
- things of dubious taste (use your best judgment, I trust you)
- too much ink-covered space (I believe that SORC will not print them without coercion if they're more than 50% covered with ink)

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