2007-2008 Directors
Position Name Email Phone Office Hours
General Manager Greg Weston ude.ttip|stpw#ude.ttip|stpw (412) 648-7995 Weekdays 9-5
Station Manager James Gardiner gro.stpw|reganamnoitats#gro.stpw|reganamnoitats 267-980-0386 M: 9-10, 2-5, Tu:12-5, W: 9-10, 2-5, Th: 9-11
Student Engineer Ben Collier moc.liamg|reenignestpw#moc.liamg|reenignestpw N/A TuTh: 2-3
Program Director Priya Patel moc.liamg|rotceriDmargorPSTPW#moc.liamg|rotceriDmargorPSTPW N/A Tu: 1-4, W: 11-3, Th: 1-4
Music Director Emily Tantillo moc.liamg|rotceridcisumstpw#moc.liamg|rotceridcisumstpw (412) 648-7992 MW: 11-12:30, TuTh: 3:30-5, F: 12-4
Promotions Director Jeremy Zerbe moc.liamg|stpw1.29#moc.liamg|stpw1.29 N/A TuTh: 1-5, F: 2-4
Training Director Brian Adams moc.liamg|gniniart.stpw#moc.liamg|gniniart.stpw N/A N/A
Traffic and Continuity Director Ashley Boone gro.stpw|stneve#gro.stpw|stneve N/A TuTh: 12:30-4, F: 2-5
Graphic Media Coordinator Maxwell Rush Beehner moc.oohay|renheebllewxam#moc.oohay|renheebllewxam N/A M: 10:30-12:00, W: 4-5
News Director Emily C. Yarrison moc.liamg|rotceridswen.stpw#moc.liamg|rotceridswen.stpw N/A M: 10-11, 1-4, TuTh: 10-11, 2:30-3:30, W: 1-3
Sports Director Nick LaMantia moc.liamg|strops.stpw#moc.liamg|strops.stpw N/A cell-content
Production Director Varun Bhandari moc.liamg|wohsevilstpw#moc.liamg|wohsevilstpw N/A cell-content
Underwriting Director Chakel Chavis gro.stpw|gnitirwrednu#gro.stpw|gnitirwrednu N/A MW: 2-4, F: 12-2
Jazz Director Patrick Singleton cell-content cell-content cell-content
RPM (Electronic) Director Read Connely moc.liamg|mpr.stpw#moc.liamg|mpr.stpw (412) 648-7990 cell-content
Hip-Hop Directors Corey Mizell + Marcus Harris ude.ttip|95mlc#ude.ttip|95mlc (412) 606-2010 none
Metal Director Hunter Korchak moc.liamg|latem.hgrubsttipstpw#moc.liamg|latem.hgrubsttipstpw cell-content cell-content
Local Show Coordinator Ben Hickling cell-content cell-content cell-content
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