Countdown Show

The Countdown Show

Heyyy guys you found the WPTS Countdown show page, good for you. The show is every Wednesday night, 5-7pm. I play whatever the top 20 albums of the week are, annnd it's usually some pretty good stuff. Music varies from The Shins to Disciple, from Mastadon to Norah Jones…yes…there's even been some Lady Soverign. Every week has a completely different line up sooo it's always a good time. Seeing as how it's the WPTS Countdown there's also an opportunity for requests….whether it's a certain song from an artist on the Countdown orrrr you just wanna hear something random I'll try to make that happen for you. So, tune in, and listen to some brand spankin new tunes…and you can brag to your friends about how hip you are.

<3 Jess

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